PVC joinery
POINT OF SALE in Via Beccaria, 2/f – Mondovì (CN)

After more than 15 years of experience in the industrial demolition and the maintenance of industrial machinery, Euroservizi company has decided to expand in the PVC joinery sector. We offer this service with quality and trust in what we are doing. We also offer the manufacturer’s warranty for each profile, window and metal fitting. And we also offer another warranty, for installation.

What exactly comprises the PVC joinery term? Well, it assumes the profile, the double glazed window, the metal fitting and the installation and the PVC term comes from POLYVINYL CHLORIDE. What makes the difference between the PVC profiles is the number of chamber that they have. The more this number is higher, the more the profile’s durability will be longer and the heat transfer coefficient will be lower.

Because we take care of our image and the comfort of the customer that chooses us, we are putting at your disposal all the best products from our partners, VEKA, INOUTIC, ALUPLAST and RAMPLAST. For the metal fitting, we have chosen the best materials so they will always keep your chosen colour as in the first day in which we have mounted it.

If you are still undecided about which brand you want to choose and you also want to calculate your budget, please send us your request by email.


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